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Wines of exceptional variety of character, fruit-forward with smooth and silky texture, bright and delicate aromatics.

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Our new range of premium wines, perfectly crafted by our award-wining winemakers using the best organically grown grapes.

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A line of smooth, great tasting wines, created to be approachable that complement a wide variety of foods and cuisines.

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Alabarda – Rosso Veronese
Garganega Veronese
Corvina Veronese
Baronessa Carlotta
Bollicine Brut

Handcrafted in the tradition of artisanal winemaking

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A descendent of the Costa ancestry, one of the oldest families in Italy, patricians and senators in the
Roman Empire, corsairs of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Massimiliano Enrique Costa always had the Mediterranean blood to fuel his ambitions and dreams. He grew up in the sweeping hills of the Veneto region surrounding lake Garda.

The love and respect for…..


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Vineyards of Distinction

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